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Excel tutorials

After completing work in Excel 2013 and before the printer is desirable to review the worksheet and his appearance before sending it to print. In this option, Excel 2013, you'll notice the important features of the printer before printing your data. View of the worksheet before you print to a printer will give you a better visual picture of the position of your tables and data in a worksheet that is how it will ultimately look like on paper. In the Print Preview dialog box, you have the possibility of additional settings and adjustments that can be observed in the second picture below.

Print Preview and print a Worksheet in Excel 2013

The first way to preview the worksheet before you print to a printer via the icon on the Quick Access Toolbar. If this icon is not on the respective bar then add it via the Excel Options dialog window Quick Access Toolbar Options.

Review of data and looks worksheet before you print to a printer in Excel 2013

Another way of viewing the data and layout of the worksheet on paper before you print on a printer via the File menu and Backstage View window. So click on File => Print

Notice that all of the options you can adjust all the settings that can be changed in this dialog box. Us an interesting look at the worksheet and how it will look our tables or data after we send the worksheet to print on paper. Of course, here we can set how many copies we want to print on paper, possibly change the position or orientation of the paper as per the need to reduce data to fit on the paper (scaling). There's another option, but their study leave to you (this is the tutorial for absolute beginners).

Print Preview and Page Setup in Excel

Preview the worksheet before printing to a printer and Page Sutup in Excel 2013