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Excel tutorials

Options and Settings in Excel 2013 - part I

In this tutorial I will try to explain the absolute beginners where the dialog boxes where users can change the basic and advanced settings to work in Microsoft Excel 2013

Settings for operation in MS Excel 2013 is done on Excel Options dialog box. So, click on the File menu => Options

I will not go into detail (remember this is a tutorial for absolute beginners).

A new dialog window where we can make some adjustments and changes to default settings when you start Excel 2013.

In the menu on the left to the Excel Options dialog window, the first option is the General. By selecting options in the General right of the window of the dialog box have the option of setting general options for working with Excel

The main groups of settings in Excel Options dialog box are:

  1. General
  2. Formulas
  3. Proofing
  4. Save
  5. Language
  6. Advanced
  7. Customize Ribbon
  8. Quick Acces Toolbar
  9. Add-Ins
  10. Trust Center

General Options in Excel 2013

In general settings note that subgroups and all settings can be adjusted: eg: in this section we can determine how many worksheets will appear when you start Excel 2013 or a new workbook, or change the background color themes working window in MS Office 2013.

  1. User Interface options
  2. When creating new workbooks
  3. Personalize your copy Microsoft Office
  4. Start up options

Where and how to make changes to the settings for the general options in Excel 2013

Formulas Options in Excel 2013

The formulas options notice subgroups and that all settings can be adjusted: eg: if you ask a question to ask us the number of the column headers are in this part of us that we can set the columns in the worksheet have the tag numbers instead of letters (settings R1C1 references).

  1. Calculation options
  2. Working with formulas
  3. Error checking

Set options for Formulas in Excel 2013

Proofing Options in Excel 2013

In the Proofing options and subgroups note that all settings can be adjusted: for example, in this section we set the language settings dictionary for text or checking grammar errors via AutoCorrect Options...

  1. AutoCorrect options (automatic corrections in the text and settings)
  2. When correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs

Proofing adjustments and settings checking grammatical errors in Excel 2013

Save Options in Excel 2013

The Save options subgroups and note that all settings can be adjusted: for example, in this section we can set the default location (folder) in which Excel will automatically offer to take a workbook which sometimes can be a good thing because if we want to change the location of the recording on the D partition of our hard disk for possible future security of data loss or automatic recording workbook after a certain time (Save AutoRecovery).

  1. Save workbooks
  2. AutoRecover exception for:
  3. Preserve visual appearance of the workbook 

Adjustments and settings for Save a workbook in Excel 2013

Language Options in Excel 2013

In the Save options subgroups note that all settings can be adjusted: eg here we can add other languages ​​if you use Excel workbooks from other sources with different language settings.

  1. Choose editing Languages
  2. Choose Display and Help Languages
  3. Choose ScreenTip Language

Where and how to change the settings for language options in Excel 2013

To continue the examination of tutorials please see "Part II"