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Toolbars and Ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2013 - Part 2

At the top of the window Excel 2013 Ribbon that is the note toolbar for quick access to specific commands for working in Excel. On the toolbar Quick Access Toolbar can add or remove specific buttons for commands. On the toolbar for quick access to common commands, the add command buttons that are often used and can not be found in other toolbars on the ribbon. In the picture below you see that lists the 10 button commands that I added and used for this tutorial. Also note the drop-down menu that contains some buttons commands that are not displayed and can be found on the graphical toolbar for quick access.

Your decision is that you will add buttons to the toolbar for quick access toolbar commands, i.e. commands that you use frequently in working with Excel 2013. A quicker way to 'Excel Options' window to set the toolbar Quick Access Toolbar is by clicking on the 'More Commands' from the drop-down menu (see figure below).

How to customize Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2013 


Customize the toolbar for quick access in Excel 2013

As I said to the toolbar for quick access can add or remove certain commands that are associated with a specific appearance button. To add or remove a button to a command in Excel is necessary to open the Excel Options window to set the Excel 2013. This procedure I described in the previous topic on the link File menu in the Backstage View.

So when we open the window 'Excel Options' click on the menu on the left to the Quick Access Toolbar. In the right part of the window there are two columns. In the left column of the commands and their graphic identities in the right column of the commands that are currently added to the toolbar for quick access. In the left column with a drop-down menu ('Popular Commands' or 'Command Not in the Ribbon') we choose the basic groups of commands and copy them using the 'Add >>' the button in the right column as shown below.

customize quick access toolbar in excel 2013 

Of course in this window has more options related to the toolbar for quick access, but leave it to you to explore.
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