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Excel tutorials

When it comes to Print a Workbook, Worksheet, Print Area, print selected cells, print the title, rows or columns in Excel 2013 then we have a number of options that is desired to print in Excel 2013.

Print a Worksheet or a Table or a Print Area

If we already have set up the printer to our Windows operating system then it is enough to click on the icon/button on the toolbar for quick access. If this icon/button you do not add it to the toolbar (the icon/button located in the Excel 'Page Layout' toolbar in the 'Main Menu' group or read the tutorial at the link Quick Access Toolbar, and you will see how to add a button to print the toolbar. How many of you meets the image below then you will see how to add an icon or button to print the Quick Access Toolbar.

How to add a Print button on the Quick Access Toolbar (for beginners)

How to add a Print button on the Quick Access Toolbar 


If we want to print the entire document in two steps, just click on the 'Print button' on the toolbar for quick printing. Clicking the respective button, we have two options.The 'Print' option and Excel 'Page Setup'.

Options to print excel worksheet in the toolbar Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

If you click on the first option 'Print' (pictured above) then we will open "Print dialog box" where you see where you can choose the type of printer you want to print an Excel document and its settings, also note the zone 'Print range' options using which we can choose if we want to print all pages Excel worksheet or just individual pages. In the zone 'Print What' we can only print pre-selected range of cells on a worksheet excel or the entire worksheet or the entire spreadsheet Excel book. In the zone 'Copies' write as much as we want to print a copy (Number of Copies). The 'Collate' enables us two ways to print compared to numbered pages of Excel Worksheet.

how to determine the number of copies to print in Excel 

If we clicked on the Excel Page Setup, then we open the dialog window 'Page Setup' where there are two tabs for us interesting. 'Page Tab' and 'tab sheet'. And others are interesting but I described them in one of the tutorials of this web domain so they look or explore yourself Excel list of tutorials on the site.

On both these cards adjust layout settings printed Excel document (pages). Note the zone 'Orientation' to position data on paper after printing, the zone 'Scaling' in which we can reduce the data to fit on a page of the Worksheet as well as the paper size. With all the above notice three buttons where you have other options.

where to change the page orientation of the worksheet in Excel 

On the tab 'Sheet' notice three white empty fields and buttons right next to them. These buttons serve to switch to the worksheet and allow us selecting a range of cells or rows or columns.

The first field allows us to selects an area and it just print on paper (the replacement for this action exists and that is the Ribbon toolbar 'Page Layout' in the group commands 'Page Setup').

The second field is used to set the order of us who will always appear at the top of pages printed Excel worksheet.

The third field helps us to set up a column that will always appear at the left margin or the left side of the printed page Excel worksheet.

In the zone 'Print' notice the ability to print Gridlines (network cell borders), black-and-white printing on a color printer and other options which refer to themselves (though this is a basic tutorial for beginners).

Add column headings or row to the top of the page when you print a worksheet in Excel 

File Menu Options for Printing in Excel 2013

If you make printing via File menu => Print options in the Backstage View window, then you see in the picture below you all the options you have available. Most of these options can be found in the dialogue window 'Page Setup' or the Ribbon Excel toolbars.

Choice of options when printing and choice printer for printing a Workbook in Excel 

On the toolbar 'Page Layout' notice group commands 'Page Setup' and the buttons/icons that are visible and they have direct access to some print options in Excel 2013.

Select a paper source in Excel 2013

  1. On the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the tab Paper/Quality.
  4. Within the Paper Source, select the paper source.

Black/white printing in Excel 2013

  1. Select the worksheet.
  2. On the File menu, choose Page Setup first, then tab sheet.
  3. Under Print, select the check box Black/white.
  4. Choose Print.

Print horizontally or vertically in Excel 2013

  1. Select the worksheet.
  2. On the File menu, choose Page Setup first, then tab page.
  3. Below Orientation Select Portrait or Landscape.
  4. Choose Print.

Print with or without cell gridlines in Excel 2013

  1. Select the worksheet.
  2. On the File menu, choose Page Setup first, then tab sheet.
  3. Select or clear the check box Gridlines
  4. Choose Print.