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Excel tutorials

Page Setup dialog box and tabs in Excel 2013

If you want to change the settings on a page that is a worksheet in Excel 2013 then you can do it on the toolbar 'Page Layout' on the ribbon of Excel 2013 commands in the group 'Page Setup'.

Page Setup group commands on the toolbar Page Layout in Excel 2013

In the dialog box 'Page Setup' there are four cards (Tabs).

On the 'Page' determine the page orientation 'Portrait' (placed vertically page) or 'Landscape' (horizontally laid page).

In the field of 'Scaling' determine the percentage to which the size of Excel 2013 to adjust the page size of the window, in the field 'Size' Paper Size choose any of the available paper size and print quality.

How to change the position of the worksheet in Excel 2013 on paper print 

On the Worksheet Margins with enrollment numbers to determine the boundaries of the page and the header and footer distance from the edge of the page, and the position of the table to the list (if the table is aligned horizontally or vertically on the paper).

Setting and adjusting the margins on the Margins tab in Excel 2013 

On the "Header/Footer" arrange the header and footer of the table as desired. So we can choose some of the titles in the list or click on the Custom Header or Custom Footer then appears an additional frame is divided into three parts. 

Set the header and the footer in excel 2013

In each field we enter data as desired and arrange them using the button in the box. Here we can change the font, size and font style, put in the header of the date, time or number of pages. When you click on the Edit Header button 'OK'.

how to insert the worksheet page number and automatically during printing worksheet in Excel

On the 'WorkSheet' we have the possibility of different settings and one of them is a repeat on each worksheet columns in a table or a specific row at the top of the worksheet.

Of course there are other possibilities such as: turning "Gridlines" when printing, or setting up a black-and-white print (not to spend on the color printer), the direction of the print queue in how Excel 2013 workbook contains multiple worksheets, etc.

To repeat a certain column on each worksheet row or at the top of the worksheet Excel