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Excel tutorials

How to Navigate Excel Worksheet.

The basis of the work on a worksheet in Excel is moving, selecting a cell and move the selection. Base selecting some cells using the mouse. Just click on a cell and select it, for selecting the next cell again we click the mouse to move the cell or selection of cells with the keys labeled with arrows on your keyboard. If action movement was thus reduced to a few points, then it looks like this.

  1. Click the mouse on a cell
  2. Pressing the button with the arrow mark on several occasions (left, right, up, down)
  3. Pressing the Enter key on your keyboard (the direction is defined in the Excel Options)
  4. Navigation using a combination of keys on the keyboard as it is written below by the end of this tutorial

1. Base movement using mouse clicks. So click your mouse on a cell selects the respective cell and next click on another cell selects again next respective cell.

2. When selects a cell move to another cell selection can be done by using the ARROWS keys (left, right, up, down) see picture below, red and frame colors. Also notice the blue box in the image below. These keys in the blue box on the keyboard also may use as a replacement for the keys in the red box, but then we have to turn off the NUMLOCK key (this is important if you use a laptop or notebook).

navigation and movement in Excel 2013 using the keyboard or keypad

3. Moving ie selecting Excel cells can do by using the ENTER key on your keyboard. After pressing the ENTER key automatically selection moves to an adjacent cell and the direction is defined in the Excel Options => Advanced.

How to define the direction of moving after pressing the Enter key in Excel 

Defining the direction of movement of selected cells in Excel 2013 after you press the Enter key on your keyboard

Navigation in Excel 2013 by using a combination of keys on your keyboard

4. For one of these options and navigation options in Excel 2013 is used to end models (pictured below indicated by the red arrow). END MODE works by pressing the End key on your keyboard (this mode can visually see the status bar tray Excel) and then press one of the arrow keys. If it comes to navigation and movement using a combination of keys, then we can observe the following combinations.

4.1. TAB key on the keyboard moves us one cell to the right, and the key combination SHIFT+TAB moves us to the cell to the left.

4.2. Selects whether we more cells from one to another cross by pressing the Enter key on the way to descend down the first column A and column B and C, etc.

4.3. Use the END+LEFT arrow on the keyboard (or HOME key) move to the first cell in the same row containing the active cell.

4.4. The combination END+RIGHT arrow, moves us in the last cell in the row where the active cell.

4.5. Key Combination END+UP arrow, moves us in the first cell in the column in which the active cell.

4.6. Key Combination END+DOWN arrow moves us in the last or the last cell in the column in which the active cell.

4.7. Use the arrow in the lower left corner of the table (note the picture purple arrows) move to the first sheet in the workbook, then the previous or next worksheet open workbooks, but just in case you can not see the names of all the sheets that are in the open workbook. You can right-click mouse one of the arrows (figure triangles) and the pop-up menu that appears, click on the name of the worksheet. This is good when you have about 50 sheets, and the speed of the transition from leaf to leaf.

4.8. On one worksheet to another worksheet within the open workbook, can be moved by clicking the mouse on the name of the worksheet.

4.9. Use the scroll bar to the vertical shift can move down to ??? rows in the table depending on the size and resolution of our monitor and to move to the lower hold down the left mouse button on the arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar (triangle on the vertical scroll bar).

4.10. Use the scroll bar to the horizontal shift can be moved to the right column to see ??? while pressing the left mouse button on the RIGHT arrow (triangle on the horizontal scroll bar) you can scroll to the last column.

4.11. To jump to a cell (not long scrolls and it is not looking) you need to click in the designated field cell (note the image below in the box that says A1 indicated by green arrow) enter the address, for example: write H421 and press the Enter key in field the Excel 2013.

End Mode work in Excel 2013 when combining and moving the selection to the cell