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Excel tutorials

When working in Excel in a very simple way we can change the data in an Excel cell or table. Just double-click the mouse on a cell and the cursor is automatically positioned in the respective cell and then we can change the contents of the cell. Also change the text or change the formula can be done via the formula bar field in which the formula is seen or text when the mouse selects a specific cell.

Modify the Formula in Excel Cell

When we change the formula in the cell it is automatically positioned at the left side, after the amendment again is positioned to the right if the result is the number or value. Any changes in the cells end up pressing the 'Enter' key on your keyboard.

Modification of data in cells and modifying formulas in Excel

Clear the Contents of Cells in Excel

If you want to delete the contents of a cell in Excel, then the 'Home' tab in the group commands Editing, click on the command 'Clear' and then select one of the commands from the drop-down list 'Clear Contents'.

How to clear the contents or data in Excel cell

If you want to clear or delete the contents of a cell in Excel, then you can do the in the following way:

  1. Please select a cell and press 'Delete' DEL on the keyboard
  2. Right-click the cell and choose the command 'Clear Contents'
  3. Over the respective cell copy another blank cell

Cleaning the cell or delete the contents of Excel cells