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Excel tutorials

Working with Excel cell or range of cells Excel allows us to merge multiple cells into one cell or to split the merged cell into multiple cells. Such actions are not necessary, but we sometimes important works of visual view of the created table that contains a specific type of data for better visibility.

How to Merge Multiple Excel Cells into One Single Cell

On the toolbar, the 'Home' in the group commands Alignment after you select an range of cells you want to merge, click the command 'Merge & Center' or open the drop-down list and select one of the displayed commands.

Note: Avoid merge cells to work with the data if you intend to use formula and the results of those formulas later used in the spreadsheet analysis on the other worksheets Excel (because of copy the formula to the right or down). When you want to connect multiple cells in a note the contents of the cell. If cells contain more data in multiple cells Excel will delete the data of other cells and keep only the data from the first cell. I suggest you first have completed merging cells and then input the data in the merged cell. In principle, all depends on your creativity, be creative.

In the picture below you will see that the cells are merged into one. So the cell with address A3, A4 and A5 are merged via the command 'Merge & Center' in one cell. Also note merged cells C1, D1, E1 and F1 in one Excel cell. When you select an merged cell in the 'Name Box' notice will address only the first cell.

Merge multiple cells into a single Excel cell

How to Split a Merged Cell in More Adjacent Excel cells

In case you have a single merged cell and you want to split into several independent cells, or a split in Excel, do the following: please select the merged cell you want to split up, the toolbar 'Home' in the group commands 'Alignment' after you select an merged cell you want to split cells open a drop-down list on the command Merge & Center and choose the command UnMerge Cells. Here, note that the current data will be located in the merged cell appears in the first cell of the respective ranges.

Spliting a merged range of cells in Excel cells to more independent cells

There is another way in which Excel can merge multiple cells into one cell. Please select a greater range of cells, and right-click to selected cells to open up a pop-up menu. On the pop-up menu, choose the command Format Cells that you can open the respective dialog box. On the 'Alignment' tab you have certain options for formatting cells from multiple connected cells.

How to merge multiple Excel cells into one cell via the pop-up menu and right mouse buttons

Merging Cells Without Merge Cells command

In general, merge cells help us to visually manage our data or table. Many experts for Excel does not perform is suggested merging cells and then merged cells included in the formula. If you just want your headlines and text data highlight some of the columns or the cell range, then you make a command formatting Center Across Selection in the Format Cells dialog box.

Notice in the picture below the cell range B1:E1, these cells are visually merged and the text is centered. Also, note that it is not used the command Merge Cells because we can see that is not darkened.

How to merge a cell visually and center the text in multiple columns

  1. Select the cell in which you want to center the text
  2. Right-click to open the Format Cells dialog box
  3. In the zone Text alignment => Horizontal from the drop-down menu select a command Center Across Selection
  4. Now you have aligned text across multiple cells or columns.

How to merge the cells visually and center the text for multiple columns without command Merge&Center

When selecting cell B1, you will see that it contains text that is visually displayed in the range of selected cells. Now, without any problems, you can make further recalculation formulas because in principle you do not have merged cell.