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The Appearance of the Working Window of Microsoft Excel 2013 and parts of the File Menu.

Working window of Microsoft Excel 2013

In the picture below you can see and perceive the various parts that make up the working window in Excel 2013. The figure describes only the basic elements that appear when you open an existing workbook or create a new workbook . Developer tab on the ribbon is not visible in the default (I've already added to the ribbon).

1. The main parts of the Work-space window , we can say are :
2. The title bar where there is a toolbar for quick access , workbook name and buttons for help, hiding and displaying the ribbon , minimize , and close the maximum display .
3. Text menu ribbon with the names of individual cards
4. On the ribbon of the File menu is used for actions described later in this tutorial
5. 'Sign in' button to access Office account
6. Text box , showing the address of the selected cell or the first cell if the selected range of data in this frame is visible and the name of the named cells or ranges of data .
7. Numerals for the rows and columns of letters . Columns can have numeric codes and changing this option in Excel options in the area Formulas = > R1C1 reference style
8. Buttons (triangles) to move worksheets to how many of them there are more than Excel can display the working window, which depends on the length of the horizontal scroll bar .
9. The names of the worksheets contained in the newly opened workbook .
10. The plus sign button to add a new worksheet in the workbook
11. Horizontal and vertical scroll bar to scroll through the worksheet
12. The status bar with a thumbnail Ready Mode to which there is a button to start recording a VBA macro , furthermore , there are three types of views button on Worksheet ( Normal View , Page Layout View , Page Break View ) and at the end of the slider to zoom in and view the impairment worksheet.

Layout of MS Excel

view of the working window in Excel 2013

Parts of the File menu (Backstage view)

The first tab on the ribbon FILE. This tab opens up various opportunities that we use in working with a workbook or worksheet. Clicking on the File menu appears you can view background (Backstage view) the actions by which we can following:

- Find out some information about the workbook in Excel 2013
- Protect workbook in Excel 2013
- Create a new workbook in Excel 2013
- Open an existing workbook in Excel 2013
- Record a workbook in Excel 2013
- Print the worksheet open workbooks in Excel 2013
- Exported worksheet in a different format to open in another program (pdf, etc.)
- Shared workbook over a local computer network
- Close the workbook in Excel 2013
- Create or access your account online Office
- Modify or activate various options and settings in Excel 2013

Backstage view - File menu - Information

In this window we can see information about protecting a workbook, check properties, author, version, Excel 2013, and more.

File menu Info in backstage of Excel 2013

Backstage view - File menu - New

In this window we can choose what we want the workbook to create. We can start a new blank workbook, choose one's accompanying templates, search the internet for more possible templates, and more.

File menu New in backstage of Excel 2013

Backstage view - File menu Open

In this window we can open an existing workbook if it is in recent workbooks, or browse through the options to find another as well as to load a workbook from the Internet.

how to open an existing workbook through a backstage view in Excel 2013

Backstage view - File menu Save and Save As

In this window we can to save the workbook that we end up with the same name or under a different name, change the folder or assign a place in which we record our workbook, Excel 2013.

how and where to save the workbook with the same or a different name through the backstage view menu in Excel 2013

Backstage view - File menu Print

In this window we can print the worksheet to the printer or if you have multiple printers then we can change the printer, we can also change various settings before printing, such as page orientation, number of copies to print, margins, etc.

Backstage window and the command to print a worksheet or a table to the printer via the File menu,in Excel 2013

Backstage view - File menu Share

In this window we can share a workbook with other users, send it by e-mail, set up on Cloud etc.

how to share a workbook in Excel 2013 with other users

Backstage view - File menu Export

In this window we can export finished workbook in another format that Excel 2013 allows. One such format is a PDF document, an older version of Excel extensions and the like. For more information, see the Save As dialog box => Save As Type drop-down menu and see all format exports which supports Excel 2013.

Export Excel 2013 worksheet in another format or program

Backstage view - File menu Account

In this window we can access our Ofice account if you have like to see Product information and information about Excel 2013.

how to over Office 2013 or Excel 2013 access to your Office Account

Backstage view - File menu Options

In this window we can change various settings and adjustments Excel 2013.

how and where to change options and settings for Excel 2013

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