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Excel tutorials

In Excel cells you can enter special characters or symbols.

If you want to insert a character in Excel cell, then do the following:

Insert Special Character in Excel cells

  • Please select the cell into which you insert special characters or symbols
  • Right-click on the selective area
  • Choose Format Cells command
  • Click on the Alignment tab and from the drop down menu select Fill
  • Close the dialog box Format Cells
  • Please select one of the cells in which you want to insert the special character or symbol
  • Enter one character or insert a symbol
  • Press the Enter key

Now the cell is filled with more characters that you inserted.

Insert a special character or symbol in an Excel cell


If you want to insert the symbol or icon symbols that Excel offers in their own menu, then do everything as well as the stated instructions with the difference that this time select the symbol you want to insert into the cell.

Insert symbols and icons in cells of Excel

Insert symbols the AT (@) in Excel

If you want to insert only one symbol then follow the easy way to write a character or symbol in a cell using the command 'Symbol' in the Insert toolbar. (see picture below).

How to insert a symbol 'at' into a cell Excel