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When it comes to filtering the data in some a range of cells or table Excel 2013 then we need to separate two things. What does filtering data?

Filtering Data in Excel

Filtering Data in Excel worksheet means displaying only those data that meet certain criteria that we have set and allows us to Excel, and other data temporarily are invisible.

For example, we will take this table in the picture below.

filtar data in excel 2013

To filter the data in the picture above it is necessary to select the first row or column headers to click the mouse in the one of the cells in the first row, and then turn on automatically filter on the Home toolbar in the group Editing commands or press the key combination on your keyboard, press CTRL+SHIFT+L. The filter command can be run on the Data toolbar also.

command or order to filtar data in excel 2013

After turning on the AutoFilter (this filter is normally turn on automatically when you define a table in Excel) situation is the following.

automatic filter in excel

You notice in the picture above the small triangles (the buttons to open the drop-down list) in the the first row A1:E1. These buttons have appeared after starting the Automatic Filter. Clicking on one of the buttons for filtering can be set to values, text, etc. will be displayed in a table or range of cells.

set data for filtar in excel

Advanced Filter Data in Excel 2013

If you want to use advanced filter then in the Sort&Filter group on the Data toolbar, run the Advanced command. Filtering the data with the criteria is performed in the following manner.

  1. Move the table or data range lower by several rows
  2. In the first row above the table, copy the column headings
  3. Enter criteria in the upper range, for example in cell C2 enter the number 10
  4. Turn on automatic filter on the the source table data if it is not included (command filter to see the buttons for filtering)
  5. Please select range of original table
  6. Click on the Advanced command, now you can open the Advanced Filter dialog box
  7. Click the mouse in the 'List Range', select the range of cells
  8. Click the mouse in the 'Criteria range'
  9. Please select the first two rows above
  10. Click on the the OK button, and automatically source table filtered by criteria that are typed into cell C2

advanced filter with criteria in excel