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Excel tutorials

In Excel 2013 we have the ability to draw or insert already done some form of predefined drawings (Shapes). If you want to insert some Shape of a cell and thus brighten the worksheet before you print or create a memorandum for your company, then the toolbar 'Insert' in the group commands 'Illustration', click on the icon 'Shapes'. There will be a box with predefined shapes that can be used (see figure below).

Insert Shapes in Excel 2013

Within the framework of Shapes note the following group types:

  • Recently Used Shapes
  • Lines
  • Rectangles
  • Basic Shapes
  • Block Arrows
  • Equation Shapes
  • Flowchart
  • Stars and Banners
  • Callouts

Types of shapes in Excel

In the framework in which there are shapes (drawings), click the format that you want to insert into Excel cell. See at the various shapes that I added in the Excel worksheet. To further edit individual shape double-click on the shape to select it. There are two additional toolbar after you select an specific shape (drawing) and it depends on what kind of Shape (drawing) you have selected.

  • Drawing Tools Format
  • Picture Tools Format

If you have selected a classic shape (drawing) that does not contain an image within the drawing (if you did not add an image or background shapes) then used for further editing toolbar 'Drawing Tools Format'.

If you have selected some Shape in at him add a picture (as I added a picture of the symbol 'Euro' in the first shape/drawing) then appears toolbar 'Picture Tools Format'.

When you select an some Shape (drawing) note grip yellow as yellow squares. This box represents grip (grip/holder handle) by which we can further shape and change the look of shapes (drawings).

Edit a Shape or AutoShape in a Worksheet in Excel

Editing Shapes of Drawings in Excel

Notice in the picture below additional toolbar 'Drawing Tools Format' and 'Picture Tools Format' after you select an some shapes (drawings). Up to you how you are creative editing Shapes (drawings), add color, line thickness, etc.

Additional toolbars Drawing Tools Format and Picture Tools Format in Excel 

In the picture below you see some of the commands and options to edit the shapes of drawings in Excel 2013 that are on toolbars in the picture above. 

Display commands in the picture on the Drawing toolbar and the Format Picture Tools Format in Excel 

SmartArt Graphic various types of block schema in Excel 2013

If you have a need to create or make a graphic block scheme in Excel, then use the command 'SmartArt Graphic'. This command is located in the toolbar Insert. Click on the command 'SmartArt Graphic' and you will open a window where you need to choose what kind of graphic scheme you want to use. I am for this example used a hierarchical scheme (see figure below).

Creating a graphical block scheme in Excel 

In the picture below you will see how you can create a hierarchical block scheme and present a scheme of business decision-making in a company. On the left side you will see a dialog box where you can enter text, which will be automatically mapped to the graphics block scheme. Additional commands for editing graphical block diagram can be found in the Design toolbar.

Create a hierarchical block scheme in Excel