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After completing work in Excel 2013 before you print an Excel worksheet is desirable to Print Preview situation on the worksheet before you print to a printer that is to see how the data look on the worksheet. When you preview or intention to the printer, we find that all of our data does not fit on one worksheet and we just want it. Sometimes this problem by placing the data on one worksheet can solve the 'Scaling' or 'fit on one page' option. There is another way to put all the data on one worksheet in how we moved one column to another worksheet in Excel 2013 that is setting the worksheet margins.

Print Preview and set margins in Excel 2013

How to determine and change the Margins in Excel 2013 

If you want to change the margins during the work on the Excel worksheet, then we can do it on the toolbar 'Page Layout' on the ribbon of Excel 2013 commands in the group 'Page Setup'.

setting margins while working on a worksheet in Excel 2013

In the dialog window 'Page Setup' there are four tabs.

On the 'Margins' with enrollment numbers to determine the boundaries of the page and the header and footer distance from the edge of the page, and the position of the table to the list (if the table is aligned horizontally or vertically on the paper).

How can we determine the exact offset margin from the edge of the paper in Excel 2013 

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