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How to create your Curriculum Vitae in Excel and send a request for tender for job

If you are reading this tutorial I assume that you have a need to know or learn how to make an example or template resume or CV for job, of course in Excel. Biography (resume) is mainly written in Word or similar word processing programs. But I think it is not a rule because I think that a resume we can make to any "specific" program that will meet of our needs. Here, you can find CV Template design free.

What is a CV (Curriculum Vitae)?

In layman can say that the CV (Curriculum Vitae) autobiography person who writes it. If you teach with a request for a job, CV should contain basic data related to a certain job, work, school studies, and so on. Or if we apply to a specific competition, for which we write an application and compete for a specific working place. Of course, depending on the type of competition or the workplace, in the your CV should be written in certain elements of CV, which will increase your chances for entering the shortlisted among several candidates, i.e. its competitors. Personally I would have divide CV (resume) to two types.

Sample Job CV form in Excel or Curriculum Vitae with Example Template for Download in Excel

General Curriculum CV (resume): (CV this we send without open competition, for a workplace or a job, to a certain address any e-mail or official mail. Today, it is not uncommon that certain companies have on their websites the option of signing in the human resource base in which you will send your CV. In each CV should specify as many elements ie. information about us that the employer may take into account in consideration of us as a potential candidate for the a job.)

Targeted Curriculum CV (resume): (CV this, we send targeted at already known address of companies, enterprises, institutions, etc., and published a tender for a certain job or another option such as competition for a scholarship, etc.) and this CV contains fewer elements than a general resume, because we targeted write the necessary elements for a specific job or workplace.

What every Resume should contain tips for writing CV?

In each your Job CV (maybe not all but it depends on your needs) should be written as follows:

Personal data

Considering, that we live in the information civilization, every CV should include personal information (name, address, telephone number, cell phone number, e-mail address for the contact, as well as other personal information that you consider necessary to state that the had the advantage of all the candidates who applied for a position or a job. About the quality your CV, a possible future employer will have the apparent imaginary picture of you.

Be sure to pay attention to the grammatical errors in your CV (because small things means life). Of course, if you believe that will need your personal photos bring positive points in a competition for the tender, it is desirable to include in CV.

Work experience

If you have some work experience during your life, always in chronological order from the last to the elderly also write. Make sure to include all the jobs you have worked as well as job title, also enter the correct information a former employer as well as the period from date to date. If you have volunteered and worked part-time and that it can argument the or confirm, make sure to include this elements in your CV.


The a resume should include all education, which you have acquired during lifelong education. Preferably the all education presented in chronological order from most recent to older. Also, carefully check grammatical errors when writing the name and the address of educational institutions. Also, if you complete some other form of education (courses, seminars, advanced education, etc.) and the you think that would help you in the presentation, be sure to write these elements in a resume.

Additional knowledge and the skills

If you have any additional knowledge or skills, and for them you can or you can not confirm the arguments, list them but you have to stand firmly behind what you write. Of course you have references and portfolio important and the prefer.

Computer literacy and knowledge

If you understand the computer and the information technology obligatory to specify, but carefully and the in detail emphasize, in what is concretely understand and the how much. You specify the name of the program in which you handle and assess the knowledge of the same grade of 1-5. In general, give them all you consider skills and the additional knowledge, but be careful and the realistic, because that possible future employer can quickly test and check if you may be accepted to work.

Received prizes and awards

If you receive one of the prizes in their education or working life, and the if you can argument the in detail list them, as well as offices, institutions, or others from whom you receive them.

Foreign language

If you speak foreign languages, please specify all the languages you speak and it is desirable to evaluate ourselves score of 1-5. Of course it would be good to share in the group (speech, understanding, writing, correspondence)

Interests and the activities

If further in their free time you do something that you are interested in the hobby and the you in your life, and the same could contribute to future workplace or job, list them.

Recommendations of your former employers

If you have a certificates or similar documents, which are the recommendations of your former employer or superiors during business and the educational period, you specify the exact details of the employer or the person who recommended you. In as much, it is possible to include the correct contact details to them because employers can use if there is a need to check the above and the like.

All the above mentioned order in general should include a resume but is not mandatory, it all depends on the application with which you are sending a resume. If you specify any of the above be realistic and try to be brief, clear and precise

How to create a Resume or CV in Excel form?

In this tutorial you can see two ways to write a CV in Excel.

The first way to write a CV in Excel using the table at the two images below. This example Job CV in Excel can be downloaded to your computer and use it for their own purposes, when applying to tender for a job, study and the like. In the picture below you can see that all the elements are contained in a resume. You can, add or remove certain rows, fields, pictures, texts and the like. For this first example in the workbook that you download to your computer you have two copies of the worksheets. Of course, all frames of cells, tables and the the like can be removed according to your wishes and the your knowledge.

First page of examples Free CV Template in Excel is located in the image below.



The second page of example of CV Free (Free Curriculum Vitae in Excel) in Excel is located in the image below.


File of Example in the picture above is in the ZIP file, which you can download it at the end of this tutorial. Decompress the file or Unzip to your computer and run in Excel.

Free CV Resume in Excel

This second example of CVs in Excel, differs from the first by visual appearance. Of course, this CV Example should contain the basic elements which I described in the text at the beginning of the tutorial. Also, and this example is included in the download file.



CV Format in Excel

And finally I can say that these examples created Job CV, only the base and it is up to them to meet your requirements. All I created in the file "CV in Excel" or "Curriculum Vitae in Excel" or "Resume in Excel" you can delete, add, formulated to resume your own.


Free CV Resume Download Sample file

CV template design free Download the Resume/CV Template in Excel ZIP file from the examples of this tutorial is on link