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Excel tutorials

Header or Footer on a Worksheet Excel 2013

You can create through the 'Page Setup' option or directly on the worksheet if you choose 'Page Layout view' on the worksheet by clicking on the icon/button located in the status bar (see picture below).

If you choose the look of a worksheet Page Layout (as shown below) then you can directly enter text or numbers or whatever in the Header or Footer in the highlighted fields:

  • Click to add Header
  • Click to add Footer

How to create your own header or footer in Excel 

If you want to change the header or footer on a page that is a worksheet in Excel 2013 then you can do it on the toolbar Page Layout on the ribbon in Excel 2013 click on the 'Page Setup' and then select the 'Header/Footer' or via the Backstage View window, File => Print and click on the 'Page setup'.

On the tab "Header/Footer" arrange the header and footer of the table as desired. So we can choose some of the titles in the list that you see on the pull-down menu by clicking on the small triangle to the opening of the drop-down menu or if you want to add additional or new data obtained important elements then click on the button Custom Header... or Custom Footer... then appears additional frame is divided into three parts.

Editing Hader or Footer in Excel Page Setup 


Numbering pages and how to insert a date on a worksheet in Excel 2013

Notice the three fields for text or data. In any section (Left Section, Center Section, Right Section) can directly enter text or numbers of your choice (for example, see the section on the left image below). If we want to be in a worksheet on each page is 'page number/total number of pages' then this information can be added via the button 'Insert Page Number' and 'Insert Number of Pages' or the current date when the printer. Also if you want to add a company logo in the header then it can be done via the button 'Insert Picture'. Note button first in a series of 'Format Text'. With it, we can change the font, size and style of font and other text formatting in Word as the dialog window 'Font'. Other options to try out the buttons yourself.

How to insert a page number or date on a worksheet in Excel 2013 

How to copy the Header or Footer from one worksheet to all other worksheets in Excel

If you need to copy the header or footer from one worksheet to all other worksheets in the workbook, you have two ways of copying (via the Page Setup or using VBA Macro). I'm here via the option 'Page Setup'.

Insert or type in the Header or Footer on the first worksheet Sheet1. Position on Sheet1

Press and hold the CTRL key and now click on the name of each sheet (or if you want all the sheets then SHIFT + last sheet or right-click mouse and Select All Sheets). Now you have selected worksheets in the title of the file you will see the word GROUP, which means that some (or all) of the worksheets in the workbook are grouped and it looks like Book1 [GROUP] - Excel.

copy the header and footer from the first to the other worksheets in Excel 

When you group the worksheets do the following.

Tab Page Layout => Page Setup => Click on the OK button

Now right-click mouse on one of the names Sheet => Ungroup Sheets. With this step we have completed copying data in headers and footers from the first worksheet to all other worksheets. See Print Preview for all worksheets, should each have a Header or Footer as the first worksheet.

How to add a Company Logo or Picture in the Header of Excel 2013 Worksheets at Once

If the Header or Footer of each worksheet you want to add a company logo or an image (picture) then do the following

At the moment after selecting all worksheets go to 'insert picture'.

Tab Page Layout => Page Setup Header/Footer => Custom Header => Insert Picture => button OK => button OK