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Excel tutorials

How to Create a Drop Down Menu in Excel

The drop-down menu in Excel allows us to excel in one cell or choose different data values. List or a list of specified values can be located on another worksheet or in a table from which we draw data. Also a list of values or data can be found in the menu with no extra parameters.

Creating a simple drop-down menu in the dialog box 'Data Validation'

Simple or basic 'drop-down menu' can make a very simple way via the command 'Data Validation' on the toolbar 'Data'.

How to run a command for Data Validation in Excel

After starting 'Data Validation' dialog box opens in which to select the Settings tab certain criteria. Select the 'Allow' Sheet drop-down menu in the 'Source' field, type a value or text that you want to have the list drop-down menu. Any particular value or text separator semicolon (;) or comma (,) and confirm the changes by clicking the OK button.

How to make a simple drop-down list in Excel

After setting the 'Data Validation', click on the cell where you want to have a drop down menu with a list that you made. Note that cells in the right panel has a button to open a drop-down menu of the respective fields (the small triangle). Clicking on the button for a drop down menu appears on the list that we've created (see figure below).

Finished the drop-down list in Excel

User instructions for entering data into a cell in Excel

If you want, you can drop down list for each add an input message that is visible when you select an cell. On the tab 'Input Message' enter the required text as desired.

How to set an input message to a cell in Excel

Input Message is visible within the cell when selected, to which we apply in this case, a drop-down menu. In principle, this input message can always be used when you want to set up some instructions for entering data into cells.

The appearance of cells with info message that contains a drop down list or drop-down menu

The warning message about wrong data entry in Excel cell

If you want to limit your intake of certain types of data in the cell then on the tab 'Error Alert' set up important information alerts as shown below.

Set the warning message input data or values in a cell Excel

If the user types in an Excel Workbook unwanted value or data in a cell for which you set the above rule will then appear warning. If you want to reset all settings and remove the warning, click 'Clear All' button.

Appearance warning messages when entering data into a cell Excel 

Please also see tutorial how to create a drop-down menu with a list of data in a column on the worksheet.