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Probably you are wondering what are the comments in Excel cells. Of course, you would not have come to this site that is not so (though this is the website for absolute beginners). I can say that the layperson to the information that we want to put in a special box and that they serve as a reminder that contain the cells, where it pulls the data, what kind of results we expect, and the like.

Take for example that we created a spreadsheet in Excel 2013 and save it in the archives. After a long period of time again we open the respective Workbook and we want to change the structure of the budget spreadsheet worksheet. Probably we have forgotten what and how the calculation and where each result pulls data in Excel formulas. There have been comments are important to us, because in them is information that we provided. After reading all the comments we have a better visual image of what we were doing in tabular calculation in Excel Workbook.

How to add a Comment in Excel cell

In the picture below you see two worksheets Sheet1 and Sheet5. On the worksheet Sheet5 we calculate a spreadsheet. The conditions for this calculation are on Sheet1. I've added a comment in each cell the conditions that would later know where Excel pulls data in the calculation formula.

Text information and New Comments in Excel cells

To add a comment in an Excel cell, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Select the cell where you add a comment
  2. Click on the toolbar Review
  3. In the group commands 'Comments' click on the New Comment

or otherwise

  1. Select the cell where you want to insert a comment
  2. A right mouse click on the respective Excel cell
  3. From the drop-down list choose the command Insert Comment

Adding comments in an Excel cell

When the frame to insert comments, you simply need to enter text information as desired. This action completes the insertion of comments by clicking the mouse anywhere on the worksheet. On your computer when you insert a comment into a cell can occur username of the person who uses Excel 2013, feel free to delete it if you want.

Insert a comment into Excel Cell

You notice that after you added comments in an Excel cell appeared red triangle in the upper-right corner of cell borders. To read the text that is added to the comment is enough to position the mouse pointer on an Excel cell that contains the added comment

If you want to set up a permanent visibility comments on the cell then the command Show/Hide Comments on the toolbar 'Review', we can manipulate this option. Notice in the picture below all the commands in the 'Comments'.

View of the Excel commands in the Comments

Also see tutorial: How to insert picture or photo to comment box in Excel 2013 (link No. 28)