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Excel tutorials

Introduction to the web tutorials, learn free Excel 2013 for beginners and dummies.



Learn free Excel 2013 for beginners and dummies. This web about Excel 2013 I start doing other users of the program i.e. a spreadsheet that have a desire to learn to work in Excel 2013.

My desire is to meet other users and beginners as dummies and teach them the basic steps to work in Microsoft Excel 2013. This web tutorial will include over 47 basic themes with which you can learn to work in Excel 2013. I hope that the absolute beginners able to learn to work in Excel 2013 reading my tutorials.

First web page contains a list of topics that will be posted on this web. Good luck learning in Excel 2013 for beginners. Tutorials for students and others who want self-education learning. (see content below).


1. Starting - closing Microsoft Excel 2013
2. Layout working window of Microsoft Excel
3. Toolbars and Ribbon in Microsoft Excel
3.1. All commands on Quick Access Toolbar in Excel
3.2. All commands on Home Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.3. All commands on Insert Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.4. All commands on Page Layout Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.5. All commands on Formulas Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.6. All commands on Data Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.7. All commands on Review Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.8. All commands on View Toolbar Tab in Excel
3.9. All commands on Developer Toolbar Tab in Excel
4. Settings and Options in Excel
5. Open a new workbook and worksheet in Excel
6. Save and close the workbook in Excel
7. View the worksheet before printing in Excel
8. Determining the margins of the worksheet in Excel
8a. Page Setup Options in Excel
9. Creating Header and Footer of the Worksheet in Excel
10. Print a worksheet or a table or a print area in Excel
11. Creating folders in Excel 2013 when Save or SaveAs Workbook
12. Navigate the Excel Worksheet
13. Select Cells Rows or Columns Range in Excel
14. Operators in Excel
14a. List all functions in Excel 2013 by category
15. Create a Formula in Excel
15a. Name of Cells or Data or Define Name in Excel
16. Conditional Formatting in Excel
17. Absolute and Relative Cell Address in Excel
18. Create a Drop Down Menu in Excel
19. Creating a Drop-Down List in Excel
20. Formatting Text and Cell in Excel
21. Modify the Formula or Data in Excel Cell
22. Merge or Split Cells in Excel
23. Data Validation in Excel
24. Automatic filling series in Excel
25. Insert Special Characters or Symbols to Cell in Excel
26. Drawing Shapes and SmartArt Graphic in Excel
27. Add Comments to Cells in Excel
28. Insert Picture to Comment box in Excel
29. Undo and Redo commands in Excel
30. Cut, Copy, Paste cell contents in Excel
31. Insert or Delete Cells, Columns and Rows in Excel
32. Resize or Customize Hight or Width of Cells, Columns and Rows in Excel
33. Inserting or Adding Images or Pictures into a Excel Cell
34. Make Garph or Chart in Excel
35. Format Work Table in Excel
36. Sort Data in Excel
37. Filtering Data in Excel
38. Create a Pivot Table in Excel
39. Format Date in Excel
40. Lock Cell and Worksheet in Excel
41. Protect Structure and a Workbook in Excel
42. Types of Error Code in Excel
43. VBA Macro in Excel
43a. Resume CV in Excel

Pay attention! you may need as a delimiter of arguments formula use a comma (,) instead of a semicolon (;).
Copy formula to Notepad and with Find/Replace change semicolon to comma.