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Excel tutorials

Print worksheet and showing formulas in Excel

If you want to display a formula in a worksheet formula or printed on paper, it is necessary to do some preliminary work. To show formulas instead of their results in the cells on the worksheet, Excel, you can turn on the option to display formulas in the worksheet. Open the dialog window Excel Options and click on Advanced option. In the field 'Display options for this worksheet' turn on 'Show formulas in cells instead of their calculated result'.

How to display formulas in the worksheet instead of their results in Excel

Display formulas in each cell instead of the formula result, you can also set the Formulas toolbar by clicking the Show Formulas button.

Show formulas instead of results in Excel

If you want to print the formula on paper instead of their results, then do the following:

On the Page Layout toolbar in the group commands Sheet Options turn on Print (check box). After setting the options to print the formula on paper when printing in the dialog window Print by clicking the Print Preview button and notice how it will look printed worksheet and formula on it. (see picture below).

Print formulas in Excel

Freeze panes of a worksheet in Excel

Excel 2013 to freeze part of the working window in the worksheet. Why is this a good ability to freeze pane windows Excel worksheet. Because in some situations in visually corresponds to certain rows or columns still have work displayed on the worksheet window. There are three options of freezing parts of the worksheet.

  • Freeze Panes (freeze rows and columns in relation to the Selected cell)
  • Freeze Top Row (freeze the first row in the worksheet)
  •  Freeze First Column (freeze first column of the worksheet)

Just click on the command and will appear black line that will limit the frozen section and the movable parts of the worksheet. Undoing the frozen part of the window cancels again by clicking on command.

Freeze panes of the window, the first row or first column in Excel

Arrange more open Workbooks in one window

Excel allows you to work on multiple open workbooks at the same time. Do not have to click on the Windows task bar to open Excel, the name of each book in one open workbook, you can run a command to arrange all open Excel workbooks.

On the View toolbar click on 'Arrange All' button and a new dialog box named 'Arrange Windows' turn on one of the options.

  • Tiled
  • Horizontal
  •  Vertical
  •  Cascade

How to arrange multiple working window on a single monitor and work on multiple Excel workbooks

In the picture below you notice that I am with the command 'Arrange All' deployed three open Excel workbooks, and I can work at the same moment in all three workbooks or work in one workbook and view the data from another workbook.

How tiled arrange more open Excel workbooks and work simultaneously on multiple workbooks

Quick jump to a specific Worksheet in Excel

If you have more worksheets in a workbook so that it can not display all the tabs worksheets and you want to quickly switch from the active worksheet to another worksheet, which tab you can not see then take advantage of that Excel 2013 offers and it is fast transition or quick jump to another worksheet. Right-click on the triangle to scroll to the bottom left of the working window in the worksheet.

Opens a new dialog box named 'Activate' where there is a list of all the worksheets that are created in the workbook. Please select the name of the worksheet and click on the OK button and Excel 2013 you are automatically positioned on the selected worksheet.

How to quickly switch to another worksheet tab which we can not see beyond the status bar