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How to Limit Scroll Area in Excel Sheet

If you create your work on an Excel worksheet and want to allow the user can view or see only part of the worksheet ie. the information that are irrelevant for all your secret formula you used. On the same worksheet, there are additional elements and formulas related to the table that allow for viewing. Simply lock the 'scroll bar' sliders.

How to Block Scroll Bar Sliders in Excel

So, on Sheet1 we want to allow a user to view only a certain range of cells on Shee1 or in other words we want to prohibit a user to view the data or formula to the rest of Sheet1. To make disable a user may review the entire worksheet, do the following:

Click on the tab Sheet1 respective Workbook, right-click the shortcut menu and select 'View Code'.

How to block 'Scroll Bar' sliders in Excel

In the open VBE window, click Show 'Window Properties' if it is not active.

In the 'ScrollArea' enter the absolute address area range of cells that allow for review. In this example I have set permit views cell range $A$1:$X$270.

Limiting and configuring the range of cells that are allowed to browse on the worksheet

Restrict Access to the VBE in Excel

Of course if you want you can set the password in the VBE window that the user can not access the VBE and change ScrollArea.

Restrict access to the VBE to Excel

Save the Excel Workbook and then reopen it. Try to move the cursor (Scroll Bar) vertically or horizontally and you notice limit Row and Column to which you can view the worksheet.