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Camera Tool in Excel

How to add the Camera Tool to Ribbon in the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

First, ask yourself, What is the Camera Tool?

I layperson can easily say that the Camera Tool copies of data in the form of images.

If you are reading this tutorial I assume that you do not have the command of ribbon for the Camera Tool. If this is true then it is necessary to add Camera Tool command to Quick Access Toolbar. If you do not know how to add a command to the ribbon then refer to the following instructions.

Click on the drop down menu Quick Access Toolbar and select More Commands...

How to add a new command to the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

On the new window with the menu on the left sides of the select Quick Access Toolbar and then in the field "Choose commands from" drop-down menu to select one of the options.

  • Commands Not in the Ribbon
  • All Commands

Customize Ribbon in the Excel

Find Camera Tool command in the left hand side where all commands and select it. After selecting Camera Tool command, click the Add button. Now the respective Camera Tool command you have the right sides together with other commands that are on the Quick Access Toolbar. Click the OK button.

How to add the Camera Tool to Ribbon in Excel

We are now ready for a variety of situations in which we can display data (tables, graphs) from another worksheet in the main worksheet. Likewise Camera Tool allows us to one worksheet in one go print out more Print Area that are on multiple worksheets.

How to Use the Camera Tool in Excel

So, using the Camera Tool you can display the table and changes the data from other worksheets in real time. When we on one worksheet, add some information or swapping out some value Excel automatically by a formula on another worksheet executes changes the results. Using the Camera Tool commands automatically see the respective changes in other worksheets. Take for example the situation in the figures below.

The workbook we have three worksheets that contain specific data. The fourth worksheet 'Master' serves us to show him all the data from other worksheets. In the picture below you see display data from other worksheets (EntryProducts, QuantityProducts, Chart) on one 'Master' Worksheet.

A simple Excel Example in the picture below is the following situation:

On the 'EntryProducts' worksheet do I enter the amount of products entering the Storehouse of the company. Automatically changes the results of the formulas in the worksheet 'QuantityProducts' and of course changes automatically and chart appearance. All of this is (copy) on the worksheet 'Master', so that the one place I have a look at all the data. Maybe this seems pointless and you think it can all fit on a single worksheet.

How to print multiple Print Area on a single paper in one step from one worksheet

But, what if you have hundreds of rows and dozens of columns? Then our great help makes the Camera Tool.

In the picture below on one 'Master' worksheet you notice following data:

  • Yellow table data with 'EntryProducts' worksheet
  • Green table data with 'QuantityProducts' worksheet
  • Graph the data from a worksheet 'Chart'

How to print multiple Print Area on a single paper in one step from one worksheet

To add some data from multiple worksheets in a single worksheet, do the following:

  • Position the cursor on the first worksheet and select the data range (table)
  • Click on the Camera Tool command from the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • After clicking selective data area framed by the dotted line.
  • Position the cursor on the Master Worksheet.
  • Click in the cell where you want to display (paste) data from another worksheet.
  • Repeat steps 1-5 for each new display.

You notice in the picture above that I display data from three sheets to the main  'Master' worksheet. If I had, in the main worksheet data entry, which is a requirement for the calculation of the other worksheets that contain formulas that perform calculations based on my data entry, then the display automatically changes all the results and I automatically can be seen on worksheet where I can input the data. Imagine this "image" ie copied area, (with the Camera Tool) as an additional monitors on which you can automatically have an insight into the state of the other worksheets when you enter data on one worksheet.

Chart and Camera Tool

Here I would note the following: If you want the main worksheet to have a look at the chart that is on another worksheet, when using commands Camera Tool, do not select the frame chart. To view the chart on another worksheet using Camera Tool command, requires that you select a range of cells that are located below the graph (even a little wider area of the chart).

Notice that the "image" we received an order Camera Tool has a gripper with which we can rotate, enlarge or reduce the view of the copied data. Also note that the ribbon at the new tab Picture Tools Format for additional processing of dynamic images.

Display Multiple Print Area on One Worksheet

How to print multiple print area on a single paper in one step from one worksheet

About the basics commands Print Area in Excel I wrote in this tutorial: Print Area in Excel.

In cases where you need to, on one paper (one page Excel) to print more Print Area from multiple worksheets then make the most power of Excel Camera Tool commands.

On each worksheet (in which you need to print) set Print Area.

Using the Camera Tool command copy all Print Area on one Worksheet from which to print to the Printer.

In this way, on one sheet of paper you will have more 'Print Area' zone and look at more data. This description refers to the image above.