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Actions related to the Worksheet in Excel 2013

How to add new Worksheet in Excel?

Actions related to the Worksheet in the Workbook, Excel refer to manipulate the worksheet, various adjustments, adding, inserting, deleting, copying, moving the worksheet and the like. I'll try here to show basic actions you can to work with a worksheet in Excel 2013.

The General options in the dialog box Excel Options in the field When creating new workbooks we can determine how many worksheets will open in a new workbook. The workbook has a standard three worksheets, but we can change the number of worksheets in the workbook is opened. Note the settings and other options that you can specify in this dialog box. (see picture below).

General settings of the worksheet in Excel


In the Advanced options on the dialog box, you can adjust some settings, such as: Show gridlines, Show a zero in cells ..., Show formulas in cells ... etc.

Advanced settings worksheet in Excel

Adding a New Worksheet in the Excel Workbook

Add or insert a New Worksheet in the workbook can do the Insert Sheet command which is located on the Home toolbar in the group Cells commands. Clicking on this command is inserted you a new worksheet in front of the active worksheet.

The command to add a new worksheet in Excel

Another way to insert a new worksheet using the New Sheet button located after the last name of the worksheet in the form of a plus sign in the circle. Clicking on the plus sign in the circle, you can add a new worksheet after the active worksheet.

How to create a new worksheet via the status bar in Excel

Another way of adding a new worksheet using the shortcut menu (the pop-up menu) and right-click. So, right-click mouse on the name of the worksheet (Worksheet Tab) in front of which you want to add a new worksheet in Excel 2013 workbook. (see picture below).

How to add a new worksheet via a shortcut menu in Excel

After clicking the right mouse button and clicking the command Insert appears in a new dialog window named 'Insert' where you will see two tabs (General and Spreadsheet Solutions). On these tabs you have a variety of finished templates that you can insert into a workbook Excel 2013 (see picture below).

How to add a new worksheet from a template in the Excel