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Excel tutorials

Content Excel Examples 4

In this third part (Excel Examples 4) of Excel tutorials and Excel examples, you can find Excel Tutorials and Excel Examples that are continued from the previous packet menu.

All Excel Examples, Excel Functions and Excel Formulas are practically displayed along with visual monitoring of screenshots, step by step.

162. Highlight all the cells that contain the formula
163. Add a Zero (0) digit in front of the extracted numbers
164. Find the nearest higher value and return the value from the third column
165. Highlight Duplicate Values in Excel
166. Sum of Negative Values by Months With Two Conditions
167. Copy Specific Range and Paste to Closed Workbook
168. RAND and RANDBETWEEN functions Excel examples
169. How to sum up all values for two conditions from multiple worksheets
170. Search Value Across Multiple Worksheets and Display Sheet Name Tab
171. Display Row and Column Headers if Condition Met from the Intersection
172. Ranking Top 10 Rows Header and Columns Header in Pair
173. Display Row Number if Match Date As Criteria Between Two Dates
174. Return the value if two conditions are match
175. Transpose multiple rows and multiple columns into one row
176. Creating Top Folders and Sub Folders in One Step
177. Duplicate a workbook Multiple times and create multiple workbooks from the list in the 'A' column
178. Rename the first sheet in multiple workbooks in the same folder at once
179. Delete the last Worksheet in multiple Workbooks in the one folder
180. Delete a certain VBA module in multiple workbooks in the same folder
181. Save as Values all Worksheets in all Workbooks Without Formulas in all Sub Folders
182. How to view source code of VBA macros on protected VBE
183. Replace a Formula With its Result
184. Return a List of Unique Data if Two Conditions are Match
185. Return TRUE if there are three consecutive zeroes in the same row
186. Dependent drop-down list in Excel
187. Dynamic Calendar in World Languages
188. How to use Trusted Location in Excel
189. Calculating Distance Between Two Airports
190. Remove Author Names From "Author: filed" - Clear List of Authors
191. Go To Special - Remove Blank Cells
192. Find and Replace Numbers with Text in multiple cells at once
193. How to hacking Excel Forgot Password
194. Excel Function Syntaxes
195. Count Distinct Values or Unique Values in Two Separate Columns
196. How to Change Column and Row Headings with Modifying Style
197. Two Dynamic Dependent Drop Down Menus - Three Validation List
198. Extract the earliest and latest time from a range of cells
199. Converting data with line breaks from a one cell to multiple columns


Pay attention, you may need as a delimiter of arguments formula use a comma (,) instead of a semicolon (;).
Copy formula to Notepad and with Find/Replace change semicolon to comma.