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Excel tutorials

How You Can Recover Unsaved Excel File

In this Excel tutorial, I want to show beginners in Excel, so they can Recover Unsaved file. So in layman's terms, how can you restore or recover a file that you have not saved.

The situation is as follows: You start Excel, and do various tasks and calculations in the file to multiple worksheets. You have not saved workbook. For some reason, Excel crashed or blocked. You're sorry because you need to restart your computer or Excel program and you have not saved the data or changes in an existing workbook.

Configuring AutoSave (AutoRecover) settings in Excel

In the beginning, my advice is to configure Excel to automatically save and store all your actions or changes in existing or new workbook.

Click on File => Excel Options => Save menu

In the settings 'save Workbooks' set after how many minutes you want to save the workbook "Save AutoRecover information every"

You turn on (check) "Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving" (see figure below)

Figure 1.

 Save data every X minutes - AutoRecover in Excel


Be sure when you start a new Workbook, immediately do the saving and archiving Workbook. Auto Recover feature is useful only if you archive the Workbook at least once.

How to Recover Unsaved Excel Workbooks or Files

Take for this Excel example that you open an existing or a New Workbook. You did change within a spreadsheet and enter data in the time period 10-15 minutes. You have not saved or archived respective Workbook. Gone was the electricity, your computer is restarted for some reason and re-launched. You absolutely miserable, complaining about the loss of data that you entered in the Workbook.

Do not despair! If you have set the settings as in the previous step, ie. If you configure the AutoRecover and AutoSave then you have a chance to recover and save the data that you think that you have lost.

  1. Start Excel program
  2. Click on File => Open
  3. Click the Recent Workbooks
  4. Click the Recover Unsaved Workbooks

Figure 2.

Recovering unsaved files in Excel 

Or do the following

  1. Click on File => File => Manage Version
  2. Close the drop down menu and click "Recover Unsaved Workbooks"

Figure 3.

 Recover Unsaved Workbooks - Manage Workbooks


  • So, you opened an existing or new Workbook
  • Excel program is for some reason blocked
  • You reset the Excel program and re-start
  • You did start the procedure for the "Recover Unsaved Workbooks"
  • At the next dialog box, select Workbook that you want to save that. Recover and click the Open button.

Figure 4.

 Recovering Excel workbook

After clicking on the Open button, Excel opens the Recovered Workbook (file). You need to click the Save As button to save the recovered file.

Figure 5.

 Recovered Excel workbook - saving

And finally, you have successfully saved the recovered workbook with changes that you have made from a certain last step.

Please Note!
That the Excel remember the last entry or change in the Workbook, depending on the period of time that you set for automatic saving (AutoRecover in Excel).

See the first image of this Excel tutorial. I put one minute for automatic saving (AutoSave).