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Excel tutorials

Content Excel Examples 3

In this third part (Excel Examples 3) of Excel tutorials and Excel examples, you can find Excel Tutorials and Excel Examples that are continued from the previous packet menu.

All Excel Examples, Excel Functions and Excel Formulas are practically displayed along with visual monitoring of screenshots, step by step.

122. How To Recover Unsaved Excel Workbook or File
123. Return COLUMN Letter by Formula
124. Return ADDRESS Cell as Text
125. How to Hide/Unhide a Row or Column
126. Highlight Row and Column of Active Cell
127. Select and Delete Specific Columns and Rows by VBA
128. Display Average value From Filtered Data
129. Display Data From The Latest Nonblank Cell From Same Row
130. Copy Data From One Sheet To Multiple Workheets
131. Automatic Increment Number Of Row When Copy Formula
132. Extract Specific Text If Match Criteria In Adjacent Cell
133. Rotating and Repeat series of Data in a Circle
134. Create PivotTable from Multiple Worksheets
135. Counting Distinct Unique Data
136. Return Folder Name or Path From Opened Workbook
137. Display Zero Instead Empty Cells In Pivot Table
138. Concatenate Multiple Cells To One For Matched Criteria
139. Auto Numbering Filtered Data
140. Find And Replace Subscript Or Superscript
141. Copy Data From the First to the Last Filled Cell Without Blank Cells
142. Displays all States if Different from the associated Name as a Condition
143. Summing Diagonal Cells in a Range
144. SUM Values in One Column for Multiple Criteria
145. Return a Rows Header List if Three Criterion Match
146. More Users - Different Passwords to access different Worksheets
147. Encryption and Cryptography in Excel
148. Display All Data in One Column
149. Highlight each sixth cell in continuous sequence
150. Extract a list of all dates from cell ranges to one column
151. Highlight the date of the cell if the event matches
152. How to set Dynamic Print Area
153. Sum all values to the first blank cell in the column
154. List All Data Without Blank Cells If Met Two Conditions
155. Create multiple worksheets from list in a single step
156. How to Use Slicers on a Locked Worksheet
157. Return Intersection if Match Row Header and Column Header
158. Get the data if a part of the text is found in the sentence
159. Display List All Fils Name from Top Folder and Subfolders
160. List All Links for Download Excel 2013 Update Files
161. Same Row Headers and COL Header - Return List All Intersections

Pay attention, you may need as a delimiter of arguments formula use a comma (,) instead of a semicolon (;).
Copy formula to Notepad and with Find/Replace change semicolon to comma.