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Excel tutorials

How to Keep position Print Area in Specific Place

In this tutorial I will show you how you can determine or keep the exact position Print Area on the list you want to print in Excel.

Print Area in Excel

What is a Print Area in Excel?

Print Area is the area of the range of cells that mark in Excel and when you print to a printer Excel prints only the marked area for printing.

Take for example the situation in the picture below. You notice a table with data. Green is marked by a range of cells for which we want to specify the Print Area. In this case it is 'PrintAreaPosition1' because I later added another 'Print Area'. So to add the Print Area in Excel is necessary to:

  • Select a specific range of cells
  • On the ribbon, Page Layout tab, click Print Area => Set Print Area

 How to Set Print Area in Excel

Display margins in Print Preview, on paper for printing in Excel

After setting the Print Area of a range of cells, click Print Preview to see how it would look on the print paper. If you do not see the margin, then display them by clicking on the Show Margins button. You see how it looks when the cursor position the cursor on the line margins (the mouse cursor is turned into a cross with a double arrow that shows the direction in which we can move the margin). Also note the picture below position range of cells that we added in the Print Area. They are positioned at the top left. Take, for example to us that position does not match and we want to change it.

 How to display the margins in Print Preview in Excel

Set the exact position Print Area on the printed sheet in Excel

Since our position of the Print Area does not correspond to the position that Excel has by default option, we can move the position of the Print Area to another place on the list to be printed. Place the cursor on the line vertical margins that you want to move. When the mouse pointer turns into a cross with a double arrow, press the left mouse button and move the margin to the desired location (position). Also do and for the horizontal margin. Now we have a new position for the set of the Print Area when printing

Move and keep the position Print Area in a position to print in Excel 

Sum Multiple Selected Areas of the Worksheet in Excel

If you want to have more range of cells on a worksheet or in the Workbook on which you want to set the Print Area, then you can set up so that you can quickly choose and select a specific area and then set the Print Area to print.

How to Set Multiple Print Area?

Therefore, in the following way quickly selects specific range of cells and then set the Print Area to print on paper.

  1. Click on the tab View
  2. In the group of commands Workbook Views, click Custom Views
  3. In the new window the Custom Views, click the Add ... button
  4. In the new open View Add, type a name for the area range of cells that you have selected, click on the OK button

Other commands/buttons explore for yourself. In this way, click a name Excel automatically selects a specific area of the cell. You only need to click on the Set Print Area, and if you should move the position of the print. (see image below).

 How to set up multiple selected areas on a worksheet or workbook

There is the ability to print multiple areas (Print Area from multiple worksheets), print onto a single page or on one worksheet, using the Camera Tool but about these options I write on the link.