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How to know that all countries elaborated a specific worker in the Tourism Travel Agency

This is an Excel example tutorial related to Tourism Planning in Excel, whether it is a rural, mountain, mountain, winter or summer tourism. In this tutorial I will show how we can with the help of Excel formulas, if you are working in a tourist travel agency quickly find out for certain workers (as a condition) that all tasks performed. Take for example that our workers travel agencies for travel, before the tourist season or pre-season or late season (continental or coastal tourism), were ordered to visit a particular country and find renters of apartments, rooms, visit the local hotels in tourist areas and cities.

Business agreements and negotiations on Tourist Accommodation in Hotels, Apartments, Rooms

The goal of your employees when you visit certain tourist country or tourist town in the country concerned, arrange travel arrangements for the accommodation of tourists/travelers in the hotel, room, campsite, apartment private landlord, which make your travel travel agency hired to visit/tourist accommodation, either it is a group travel business or individual arrivals ie. visits or vacations.

In the picture below you will see a list of potential tourist countries that your employees get the task to visit. You notice that the country Croatia visited only Mary and Patrick. In the column 'B' note that in certain tourist countries, a common travel more employees working more jobs. In column 'C' you note that dates are certain workers perform a business task.

How to grouped for certain workers at the travel agency that is all tourist country processed, and what date

Our goal is to Excel in the table/range quickly get to certain data, which later can be included in statistics or a graph, and analyze specific tasks and the like.

In the picture above you see that demand in the cell 'E1'. We want to know that all tourist state and when the employee John visited and carried out the necessary tasks.

ARRAY formula in cell 'F2' is as follows: The formula needs to be copied down to the last of the desired rows. (formula should be in one line of code)


or ARRAY basic formula below. (formula should be in one line of code)


This ARRAY formulas above, for the specified condition in a cell 'E1' (Mary, an employee of a travel agency), searches for column 'B' and when the condition is found in column 'B' as a result of copying the tourist country in column 'A' being the the same row for the specified condition.

Given that this ARRAY formula to bring you one of the above mentioned formula worked and returned correct results, do the following.

  1. Copy one of the above formulas with this website
  2. Select the range of cells where you want to display the names of tourist countries (eg. K2:K10)
  3. Press the 'F2' on your keyboard to enable input formula in the first cell of the selected range of cells
  4. Now, the cell 'K2' while selected full range, paste the formula that you copied from this web site and complete the by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys on the keyboard.

The formula in cell 'G2' is as follows: The VLOOKUP formula for the condition of "tourist country" in column 'F' returns the date in column 'C'


or this formula bellow


Chart statistics and analysis performed tasks in tourism travel agency Croatia Tourist-IC -example

This is an example related to Tourism in Excel, whether it is a rural, mountain, mountain, winter or summer tourism. Of course, this example can be used in any case or situation where we have a condition for which we want to group related data as well as any additional elements related to the condition.

Pay attention, you may need as a separator of arguments formula use a comma (,) instead of a semicolon (;).
Copy formula to Notepad and with Find/Replace change semicolon to comma.

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