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Excel tutorials

How to Naming Formula in Excel

The Formula in Excel

In this Excel tutorial I will show how we can use the standard formula for the calculation that you designate in the Name Manager and later a call in our calculations to the possible length of the final formula.

Notice in the picture below the standard VLOOKUP formula. This formula returns the data as a result of the condition of the cells 'D2'.


In this case, this formula is not long, but if we imagine a formula that has a lot of arguments, then the formula can be very long.

 The formula in Excel

This calculation can be presented in a different way. Just this formula called a certain name in Excel Name Manager and then type the name into a cell formula from the Name Manager.

How to appoint a formula in Excel - Definition of Named Formula in Name Manager

  1. Appointment of a formula in Excel is very simple.
  2. Click the Formulas tab and then on the command Name Manager.
  3. It opens a dialogue box Name Manager.
  4. Click the New Name.
  5. In the Name field, type the name that you set for the respective formula
  6. In the Scope field, select the area that refers to a formula. Sheet or Workbook.
  7. If you want, you can enter a comment on what the formula refers and that results should be returned
  8. In the Refers to set your formula

These steps follow the above in the image below.

 Appointment of a formula in Excel

The situation named formula in Excel Name Manager looks like as shown below. 

 Named formula in Excel Name Manager

The Calculation in Excel using Named Formula

And finally in a cell instead of formula you type the name of the formula that you define in the Name Manager.

Using named formulas in Excel 

An example of using named formulas, see the link, How to shorten a formula using the name formula.