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Search and Find the Merged Cells

Merging cells in Excel

About Cells and acts on them (selecting, copying, moving, etc.) I wrote already on this website - tutorials (see the content of the topics on this site). Excel has the ability to Merge Cells. If you ask a question of how multiple cells to create a single cell then refer to the following instructions. To merge two or more cells into one cell (one unit) is sufficient to select a range of cells that you want to connect and click in the group commands Alignment => Merge & Center command / button. In the picture below you see a merged cell (gray cells).

You notice that the following cells merged into one (merged cells retain the address of the first cell in the upper left corner)

B2=> B2:B3, B5=> B5:B7, B10=> B10:B13, B15=> B15:B16, D3=> D3:E7, D10=> D10:E10, E13=> E13:F14.

How to merge multiple cells into one cell in Excel

How to find the merged Excel cells

If you are working on the worksheet for the first time and you are not familiar with the organization of data and you want to find out that all the cells are merged in a worksheet, or you want to know the address merged cell do the following:


On the ribbon, in the Home tab Editing group commands, click Find & Select => Find

He opened a dialogue window Find and Replace, click the Format button and select the Format command.

How to find the merged cells in Excel using Find and Replace 

In the next step, you open a new dialog window 'Find Format'. In this dialog box, turn ON (check box) in front of the 'Merge Cells' and then click on the OK button

How to turn ON the option to Merge Cells Excel finds only the merged 

Search Merged Cell step by step

Again you are return to the dialogue box 'Find and Replace'. Now in this dialog box, click on the 'Find Next' button. Excel will select the first cell merged, after the next click on 'Find Next' button Excel will find the next merged cell and so again in a circle (loop). (You note the picture below to Excel frame the merged cells green frame). If you look at the address field, you will see the address of the first cell of all merged). 

How to search and find next the merged cells, step by step - cell by cell