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How to Automatic Copy Formula to New Row Bellow After Add New Data

Copy the formula in a new row below, after pressing enter when I add new data

In this tutorial, I will try to show beginners how they can automate the copying of formulas in a new row below that when they enter some data on a new line. If you want to create a Table in Excel that contains more formulas in the same row and you often enter new data, you need to copy the formula to the result to be complete. That you do not have to manually copy the formula in the new row, you automate Excel to copy the formula to the next row.

Automatically adding data to a new row and automatically copy the formula to a new row

Take for example the situation as shown below. In a certain range of cells contains data and formulas for calculations of certain values. Generally, when adding new data in column 'A' write the name of the product. Of course, after you press the Enter key (if we perform automation), we further need to copy the formula in a new row on the other columns. In the picture below, you can see that the set of formulas in column 'D'.

 How to Automatically copy formula to new row after press enter key

Automatically copy formula to a New Row in Excel Table

About creating a table in Excel I have already written to the tutorial Format Table in Excel. Come on, we automate copying formulas in a new row below the following data entry and press the Enter key. You select the range of cells of your data, including the title line (headers). Press CTRL+T combination and you will see a new dialog box in which you notice the address range of cells that contain data. You turn on the "My table has headers".

 Create Table from range in Excel

After formatting and creating real tables of the range of data we have a situation like in the picture below. I am, in the figure below show what they look like formulas in Excel 2007 (red box) and Excel 2013.

 Created expanded Table in Excel

Automatically Expanding Table Row in Excel

After reformat the range of data in real Excel spreadsheet, Excel data range changed the format of the frame and the color of the cells (see figure below). When we enter the new data in the next row below the range of cells in column 'A', Excel will automatically create a new row and copy the formula from the previous row for each column. We now need to enter other data and Excel will automatically calculate all the columns, in which there is a formula. If we want to stop adding new rows and copy the formula to the next row, we can turn off the option "Stop Automatically Expanding Tables". 

Stop Automatically Expanding Tables in Excel 

 I hope that you find these instructions, use the automatic copying of formulas in a new row after entering new data in the next row of the table.